Android Developer Malaysia

3. Mozilla

Are you aware that Mozilla was really Netscape Communication’s nickname for Navigator, which, incidentally, was Android Developer Malaysia first internet browser? Furthermore, it had been also the a wide open source public collaboration produced with Navigator.

The Mozilla Style Guide is just thorough, getting a definite identity and branding each for Mozilla, Firefox Family, Firefox Browser, Firefox OS, Marketplace, Webmaker, and Thunderbird.

The following tips include styles for websites, text content, videos, typography, and presentations. In addition, there is a complete style guide for Firefox OS. Undoubtedly, this is among the best style guides ever.

lonely planet

Lonely Planet is extremely particular about its colors, typography, UI colors, design palette, destination colors, and icons

4. Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is, undoubtedly, the greatest travel manual writer on the planet. Of American millionaire Kaira Kelley of NC2 Media, he got it from BBC Worldwide in 2013 for all of usDollar77 million even though it was worth US$250 million in 2008. Android Developer Malaysia

Lonely Planet’s Style Guide include colors, typography, UI colors, design palette, destination colors, and icons.


Facebook has some dos and don’ts too with regards to their emblem design

5. Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook is easily the most popular social media site. Android Developer Malaysia accomplished its mission to help make the people more connected and also the world more open. Facebook users happen to be fortunate using the chance to become updated regarding their buddies, family, and also the world find out about the latest happenings in various societies, and express their ideas and opinions on problems that matter for them.

If you want to make use of the logos, copy blocks, image assets, and lots of other activities concerning the Facebook brand, be aware of dos’ and don’ts within their guidelines.

The Behance emblem has four variations within Android Developer Malaysia style guide

The Behance emblem has four variations within their style guide


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