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Around the expectancy test Jogo scores well. What all do you consider could be visited the house screen?

My prediction was the brightest icon known as ‘Sweet Sweats’, the slider with click-able options, recption menus icon and viola, these were the best guesses. JoGo scores full marks around the user expectancy.if perhaps both sliders could seem ‘above the fold’.

The red icon saying sweet sweats is extremely tap -able. What i mean is that though Web App Developer doesn’t appear just like a button you might be enticed to the touch the red icon. When you do just a little appear emerges in the bottom describing the methods for you to boost the sweet sweats . Well performed, ensures users remain engaged using the application.

The Navigation:

As stated prior to the navigational icon , the hamburger menu, easily guide you through the accessible pages after which puts them out that you should travel through. Just one tap , an even slide from the side bar, and also you immediately recognize the functionalities available.

However, some labels may need some explanation, for instance Connect Application isn’t self explanatory, it connects JoGo together with your favorite/active fitness application.

All of those other options justify themselves pretty much.

The Support:


jogo home

While there wasn’t any on-boarding tutorial, the application by itself is really easy to use and intuitive it doesn’t need one. However,the assistance section continues to be provided, an inquisitive user who desires the facts to everything can click the option and determine the applying thoroughly.

Underneath the help section you will find FAQs listed to provide a solution of all of the probable questions. Like a user I had been really glad to obtain the question ‘ I’m connected although not receiving data’ , since i faced this problem with many health apps I personally use.

Another wonderful feature: The sidebar menu. the controversy between your menu on top and also the side bar, continues to be resolved, provide the users a choice of both.


Along the way through assist you in finding the number of features which come underneath the help criteria listed out as, FAQS , Features as well as an About us. The 3 provide you with a crisp summary of the characteristics and also the abilities from the application.

The consumer interaction is seamless. The interface makes options accessible and findable.

The consumer behavior bit needs attention when it comes to label and content. Minor issues that may be fixed on the run. The flawlessness of the application is incorporated in the execution of their concept. The sweet sweats indication around the right hands corner helps the consumer stay absolutely motivated and alert.


It was the JoGo application. For additional news around the in-house development, stay tuned in to the e-newsletter.

Anything that you’d like to increase this could be pointed out within the comments.


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