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4 Methods To Avoid Making Dud Apps That Do Not Sell

Picture of random apps that will not sell.

There is a Zombie Application-o-calypse around the IPhone Developer stores. . Should you aren’t acquainted with the word Zombie Apps then let’s let you know what we should plan to say. Being an development company we understand the challenges most applications face. The anonymity within the huge application world is among the finest. My own mail to create dud Zombie apps!

How can you define Zombie Apps?

There isn’t a precise definition to some Zombie Application, from zero downloads to sporadic or no user engagement are sufficient to label an application a spook. It’s much more likely guess what happens a dud application isn’t.

However, there’s a obvious definition on Application Store regarding which apps aren’t Zombie Apps. In case your application seems within the apps rated within the first 3 hundred on two thirds days, it’s unlikely that it’s a zombie because then it’s organically discoverable. Or you possess a near to a couple of multiple 1000 downloads then you may be within the safe territory.


How likely is the fact that? Since quantity of apps posted and released towards the alone continues to be an upward graph both in the Itunes Application Store and Google Play Stores (Because the graphs below indicate) do you know the chances your application lands inside a favourable situation? The solution isn’t very promising!


Graph showing submissions of apps till 2015 November

Apps posted are growing causing more Zombie Apps too. Source: Statista

By isn’t it about time be turning over ‘Okay smart guy, what’s the code to build up immunity towards the Zombie Application-o-calypse? Therefore we have to do with to talk about the recipe towards the magic sauce that people make to obtain best-seller apps. Listed here are four methods to avoid landing as a dud application:


#1 A Distinctive Concept or/as well as an Edgy Execution to prevent A Spook Application:

Either you’re creating a business round the application or perhaps an application round the business.


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